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            Arconic Shareholder Information

            Frequently Asked Questions
            Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions regarding our separation.

            Company News
            Visit www.xzlsfz.com for  Securities and Exchange Commission filingsquarterly earnings reports and other Company news.  

            Copies of the annual report, proxy statement and Forms 10-K and 10-Q, may be requested to be accessed at no cost by visiting www.xzlsfz.com/investors  or by writing to Corporate Communications, Arconic, 201 Isabella Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

            Investor Information
            Securities analysts and investors may write to Investor Relations, Arconic, 390 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022-4608, call 1.212.836.2758, or e-mail investor.relations@arconic.com.

            Other Publications 
            For more information on Arconic Foundation and Arconic community investments, visit www.xzlsfz.com under Who We Are, How We Work, Arconic Foundation or www.xzlsfz.com/foundation.

            For Arconic’s Sustainability Report, visit www.xzlsfz.com under Who We Are, How We Work, Community and Environment or www.xzlsfz.com/global/en/who-we-are/sustainability-report.asp or write to Corporate Sustainability at Arconic, 201 Isabella Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212; or e-mail sustainability@arconic.com

            Cash dividend decisions are made by Arconic’s Board of Directors, and are reviewed on a regular basis.

            Dividend Reinvestment
            Arconic’s transfer agent sponsors and administers a Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan for shareholders of Arconic’s common stock and $3.75 cumulative preferred stock. The plan allows shareholders to reinvest all or part of their quarterly dividends in shares of Arconic common stock. Shareholders may also purchase additional shares of common stock under the plan with cash contributions.

            Direct Deposit Of Dividends
            Shareholders may have their quarterly dividends deposited directly to their checking, savings or money market accounts at any financial institution that participates in the Automated Clearing House system.

            Shareholder Services
            Shareholders with questions on account balances, dividend checks, reinvestment, direct deposit, address changes, lost or misplaced stock certificates, or other shareholder account matters may contact Arconic’s stock transfer agent, registrar and dividend disbursing agent, Computershare:

            By telephone:
               1.888.985.2058 (in the United States and Canada)
               1.201.680.6578 (all other callers)
               1.800.231.5469 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf: TDD)

            On the web:

            By regular mail:
               Computershare Investor Services
               P.O. Box 505000
               Louisville, KY 40233-5000

            By overnight correspondence:
               Computershare Investor Services
               462 South 4th Street
               Suite 1600
               Louisville, KY 40202

            For shareholder questions on other matters related to Arconic, write to: Corporate Secretary’s Office, Arconic, 390 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022-4608, call 1.212.836.2732, or e-mail

            Stock Listing
            Common Stock
            New York Stock Exchange | Ticker symbol: ARNC

            $3.75 Cumulative Preferred Stock (Class A)
            NYSE American | Ticker symbol: ARNC PR