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            Commercial Transportation


            We develop and manufacture solutions that make trucks, buses, and railcars stronger, lighter and better looking—leading the way to a greener, more efficient future for the commercial transportation industry. 

            Our forged aluminum wheels are a leading choice for commercial vehicles because they can reduce weight and save fuel. Truck cabs and chassis components built using our aluminum sheet and plate are all over the world’s roads. And mass transportation vehicles benefit from our lightweighting solutions. What holds it all together? The strength of our rivets, bolts and fasteners.


            Shedding the pounds

            Aluminum cabs save 300-500 lbs. over steel cabs.


            A lighter carbon footprint

            Replacing steel wheels with aluminum wheels on an 18-wheeler offsets the annual carbon footprint of an average family of four in America.



            Wheels of Change

            Arconic makes the lightest, strongest heavy-duty truck wheels on the road

            Learn more


            Lighten Up

            Arconic and Metalsa unveil all-aluminum commercial truck frame

            Learn more