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            Arconic’s largest and fastest growing market is aerospace, where we have had a major presence since the Wright brothers’ first flight. Fueled by an expanding middle class and increasing air travel, global aircraft demand has led to the largest order book in aviation history, with a nine-year backlog for both commercial aircraft and aero engines. 

            Arconic is well-positioned to benefit from that growth with a range of high performance multi-materials and highly engineered products and solutions for aero engines and airframe structures on virtually every aircraft platform. Our solutions range from the world’s largest fuselage panels and wing skins, to 1/16-inch-diameter fasteners that hold an aircraft together.

            Our solutions power the skies


            Gearing Up

            Arconic innovation helps power Pratt & Whitney’s game-changing engine

            Learn more


            Lighter, Stronger and Bigger Than Ever

            Arconic helps build the future of aviation with advanced aluminum-lithium

            Learn More


            Pushing the Boundaries

            Arconic extends the thermal properties of metal for aero engines

            Learn more


            Arconic Innovation Strikes Again

            Flite-Tite® fasteners offer lightning strike protection on carbon fiber reinforced aircraft

            Learn more